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Izukogen - Omuro mount - Shaboten Zoo


April was the begining of the sunny day and also in Japan time for flower to bloom, If you want to come in Japan, April is really the best seasons, for the flowers, for the beauty, for the food and also for the smell. 

As I always go away from Tokyo in Week-end, This time the train left me at 3 hours of Tokyo at Izukogen in Shizuoka prefecture.

ACCOMODATION : We book a cottage at the Izukogen Ambiant Hotel for a really CHEAP price for two night. The Hotel is at 15 min in bus from the station, and we took the Sakura road for going there.


Plan this day was to go the Omuro mount.

Omuro mount is an extinct volcano, he is about 580 meters high and has a crater with a diameter of about 300 meters which takes about 15 to 30 minutes to circle on foot.
You have a 360 view on the sea and the landscape. 
For going at the top, you have to took a Rope way for 500 yen

Near Omuro Mount, at 5 min walk, they have the Izu Shaboten Zoo 

 Honestly, It was the better zoo I ever went, animals are really more "free" than all I ever seen before, And you are really close to them, by example monkeys are free to go wherever they want.

Animals look really happy and It really good to see one zoo like that.

Entrance fee ; 2300 yen adult 1100 yen student and 400 for children -4 years
 OPEN time : Mar.-Oct. 9:00AM-5:00PM / Nov.-Feb. 9:00AM-4:00PM 

 This Zoo is famous by they Capybara 

and also famous by they Cactus and Mexico  

Here the sun's stone

Capybara onsen 

That's all for this day. 

For more question about this place, leave me a coment below.

see you soon 

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